Competitive Beard Team & Social Club

Article 1. Mission

Bringing facial hair together, united in goodwill and good times to be a positive influence in our community.

Article 2. Membership

All persons, regardless of race, sex, creed, sexual orientation, facial hair or lack thereof, shall be allowed membership in the Portland Beardsmen.

Members in good standing will have the right to vote and run for council positions as well as participate in all special elections and votes.

A member in good standing will:
>Attend at least 6 Portland Beardsmen events annually. These must be events put on by the Beardsmen and include but are not limited to; club meetings, competitions, fundraisers, and social events.
>Remain free from any major infractions, as set forth in Article 4.
>Abide by any rules and regulations of affiliate organizations or alliances the club may be an associated member of.

Dues: There are no dues required for membership in the Portland Beardsmen

Article 3. Club Events

There will be a monthly meeting held on the first Monday of each month. These meetings are open to all. Location, time and date are subject to change as needed. Meetings are conducted by the council. Any member in good standing may bring up any topic for club discussion so long as it pertains to club business or activities.

Beard Nights
All non-meeting Mondays are beard night. These are not an official club event and as such do not count for the 6 events discussed in article 2.

Beard Competitions
The Portland Beardsmen will host at least one beard competition each year. Competitions will be organized by the council and/or a competition committee made up of interested members in good standing. All competitions organized by the Portland Beardsmen will benefit charity.

Other Events
Club fundraisers, social events, and affiliate events are open to all members and guidelines will be set forth by the organizing party.

Article 4. Disciplinary Procedures

In order be good ambassadors of the club, and promote a fun, safe, and inviting environment, Portland Beardsmen are expected to act with a level of decorum appropriate to the event. In the event of a minor incident, a council member or member in charge of the event, will issue a verbal warning. Repeated minor violations may result in the loss of good standing within the club.

Major infractions (i.e. harassment, intimidation or violence toward another member, sexual harassment, or serious crimes) may result in loss of good standing, suspension or expulsion from the club. All such incidents are subject to review by the council and any disciplinary actions will be submitted in writing to the offending party.

Article 5. Council

The governing body of the Portland Beardsmen shall be a council, made up of 5 members elected by their peers each year.

Requirements In order to be eligible, a council member must:
Be a member in good standing, as per article 2.
Attend 9 monthly meetings annually.
Have been a member for at least one year.

Duties A council members duties include:
Preside over and keep minutes of all meetings
Organize competitions and other club events
Oversee club finances
Order, organize, and track all merchandise and merchandise sales
Create and maintain website and other social media
Point of contact with all affiliate organizations and charities unless otherwise delegated
Address disciplinary issues within the club

Removal of a council Member:
If a council member does not fulfill duties required as described above, that council member will be notified in writing of the meeting at which removal will be discussed and voted upon. At that meeting, the council member may present statements to the club in an effort to retain the position.
Removal will occur if so voted by majority of the members present at the meeting or voting by appropriate proxy.

Article 6. Elections

Elections will occur annually at the December meeting. In order to vote, members in good standing must be present or submit a proxy vote in writing to a council member. Members will submit their votes for 5 council members. The five members with the most votes will serve for one year starting at the January meeting. In the event a council member must leave their post before the year is up, a special election will be held.

Thank you for your time
The Portland Beardsmen